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Сподвигло меня что-то необъяснимое собрать на одной страничке некоторые из любимых песенных текстов.
(На деле — вдохновило полное, наконец, знакомство с альбомом, из которого первая цитируемая песня — спасибо varyushkin'у за щедрость :)

Выделил строки, что наиболее мне близки, а пожирнее — те, в которых особенно ясно вижу отражение, своё или окружающих.

Подборка обещает пополняться. Даже непременно.

FEATURING >>>   The Decemberists  •  Beady Belle  •  Depeche Mode  •  Devics  •  Dolphin  •  Everything But The Girl  •  Holden  •  Lamb  •  Micatone  •  Modest Mouse  •  Piano Magic  •  Pink Martini  •  Stereolab  •  Wise In Time  •  Nick Drake

The Decemberists
(Colin Meloy)

Here I dreamt I was an architect

And I am nothing of a builder
But here I dreamt I was an architect
And I built this balustrade
To keep you home, to keep you safe
From the outside world

But the angles and the corners
Even though my work is unparalelled
They never seemed to meet
This structure fell about our feet
And we were free to go

And we are vagabonds
We travel without seatbelts on
We live this close to death

Beady Belle
(Beate S. Lech)

When my anger starts to cry

It's my mentality or maybe my heart
And I don't know if I am weak or strong
When someone does me an injustice it starts
Then I turn feeble and my drive is gone

'Cause I start feeling sorry for the nuisances
And I start feeling sorry for myself
And I start feeling sorry for
this stupid situation that appears
When my anger starts to cry

What is the reason that I crumble and sigh?
That I don't dare to be the angry one?
The thought of hurting someone
Just makes me cry
So I avoid opposing anyone

I feel like a bull in a big arena
With matadors profiting from my death
I know what's to come is distress and pain
As I feel their agitated breath

I'm being stabbed over and over again
I'm just trying to hide my fright
I know that my passivity
will cause me pain
But still I don't dare to fight

Depeche Mode
(Martin L. Gore)

Question of lust

Like a baby in your arms
Be gentle with me
I'd never willingly do you harm

Are all you seem to get from me
But just like a child
You make me smile
When you care for me

And you know
It's a question of lust
It's a question of trust

It's a question of not letting
what we've built up
Crumble to dust

It is all of these things and more
That keep us together

Is still important for us though
We realise
It's easy to make
The stupid mistake
Of letting go (do you know what I mean?)

My weaknesses
You know each and every one
It frightens me
But I need to drink
More than you seem to think
Before I'm anyone's...

(Sara Lov)

Red morning

Streams of streets that seem to change you
But you know they'll always find you
No one ever really knows you
In light of the heart
That beats over your head

Until you listen to it
Until you run right to it
There's no right way to do it
It's the light of the heart
That beats over your head

Turn up the stereo
I can't hear when you talk so loud

I wanna go where ever it goes
I wanna be there in the red, red, red,
red morning...

(Андрей Лысиков)


Мы с тобою две капли разные
Одной воды
Слезы облака
Разобьемся о землю стразами
Разлетимся вокруг да около

Бесконечное вниз стремление
Награжденное солнца взглядом
Принесет траве упоение
Нас с тобою положат рядом

Может быть, попадем на лица
По щекам разотрут руками
Нас не станет с тобой, сестрица
Сохнет кожа воды следами

Или, может быть, в стекла оконные
Сердцем осени постучимся
Разбудить нам печали сонные
Тихим стоном души случится

И нас с тобою не отыскать,
Все, что мы есть, — вода
Лишь остается ждать
Серебро дождя

...Только бы не остаться
Вечности льдом искриться

Everything But The Girl
(Ben Watt)

Five Fathoms

I walk the city late at night
Does everyone here do the same?
I want to be the things I see
Give every face and place my name

I drag the city late at night
It's in my mouth, it's in my hair
The people fill the city
Because the city fills the people
, oh yeah

I cross the street, avoid the freeze —
A city's warmer by a couple of degrees
The smell of food, the smell of rain
I'm not immune — I love this tune

I wanna love more
(There's a river in my head)
I just wanna love more...

The day roll by like thunder
Like a storm that's never breaking
All my time and space compressed
In the low pressure of proceedings

And they beat against the sides of my life
Like fists against the sides of my life
And the roads all lead behind me
So I wrap the wheel around me and I go out...

(Armelle Pioline)

Une fraction de seconde
Un jour le bonheur vous sourit
Vous êtes comme moi le premier surpris
Une fraction de seconde
On voit le bout de l'infini

Un jour le bonheur est à vos pieds
Un geste suffirait pour le ramasser
Mais quelque chose d'étrange
Vous pousse plutôt à shooter dedans

Ça prend des mois
Mais on l'aura
À l'usure, au rabais
Les autres savent
Mieux que moi
Mais quand bien même
J'attends, j'attends, j'attendrais...

Un jour le bonheur vous trahit
Vous êtes comme moi le premier surpris
Une fraction de seconde
Il n'y a plus rien a l'infini

(Lou Rhodes)

Little things

There's so many things we miss
In our everyday lives

We're so busy hustling bustling
Chasing far away dreams
We forget the little things

Like blue skies, green eyes
And our babies growing
Like rainbows, fresh snow
And the smell of summer

We forget to live

Give us eyes like children
So we live each day as our first

We're sure to know so much
That we forget to listen
Then we want the fickle things

Like cheap thrills, fast fuel
And constant consumption
Like TVs, CDs
And cars that speak our names

We forget to live

(Lisa Bassenge)


I don’t know why I got that feeling
That I want to leave everything behind
I don’t know why I've got that certain urge
To move away from the people of my kind

Maybe it’s the nomad blood inside my veins
Might be the nomad bones inside me
Might be that one desire
That makes me miss the world when I'm with you

Got to break camp, roll up the carpets
And start the trip to another land
Then I might feel whole again
Maybe then all searching has an end

Maybe I find peace of mind on my way
I don’t know where I'm going to
But I know that I'm going
I don’t know where
But I hope I will find a place to stay...

Modest Mouse
(Isaac Brock)

Ocean breathes salty

Your body may be gone,
I'm gonna carry you in
In my head, in my heart, in my soul
And maybe we'll get lucky
And we'll both live again
Well I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, don't think so

Well that is that and this is this
You tell me what you want
And I'll tell you what you get
You get away from me

Collected my belongings and I left the jail
Well thanks for the time,
I needed to think a spell
I had to think awhile

The ocean breathes salty
Won't you carry it in?
In your head, in your mouth, in your soul

And maybe we'll get lucky
And we'll both grow old
Well I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, I hope so

Well that is that and this is this
Will you tell me what you saw
And I'll tell you what you missed
When the ocean met the sky

You missed when time and life
Shook hands and said goodbye
When the earth folded in on itself
And said "Good luck,
For your sake I hope heaven and hell
Are really there, but I wouldn't hold my breath"
You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?

The more we move ahead
The more we're stuck in rewind
Well I don't mind, I don't mind
How the hell could I mind?

Piano Magic
(Glen Johnson)

Came to London to find myself
But in ten million people, where do you start?

Drunk at a party, you asked me
If I was someone else
And I say, ''Yeah,
If it helps you, I won't be myself''

Like Japanese poets who capture
A summer in only three lines
With just one kiss, I want to tell you
But it takes all night

You just can't wait for the right time
Because like comets
It could be the last time
You should always tell them
You love them
In case you never see them again

Pink Martini
(Patrick Abbey, China Forbes & Thomas M. Lauderdale)

Hang on little tomato

Somebody told me — I don't know who
Whenever you are sad and blue
And you're feelin' all alone and left behind
Just take a look inside and you will find

Hang on, hang on to the vine
Stay on, soon you’ll be divine

If you start to cry
Look up to the sky
Something’s coming up ahead
To turn your tears to dew instead

And so I hold on to this advice
When change is hard and not so nice
If you listen to your heart the whole night through
Your sunny someday will come one day soon to you

(Lætitia Sadier & Tim Gane)

Naught more terrific than man

His wisdom, his art
Surpassed all expectancies
And yet reality is dual,
Walking with good and evil

Two poles guiding his step
Two poles guiding his step

Good is the one that can weave all together
Our passions impulsions into city laws

Evil sets in when man thinks he is sole judge,
Only him can think right, no one else be just

Wise In Time
(Ian Simmonds)

Crazy chair

Living life on the one side
Coming home when you've been away
Checking up on the young ones
Feeling sad in a funny way

Crazy chair I'm sitting in
Needles truth or the healing power
Days new light then darkening
Paying to watch this dying flower

You're different in so many ways
Going to places I still can't find
Crazy chair I'm sitting in
Takes away what's left behind

You're dangerous in so many ways
Catching the eyes of all I see
Crazy chair I'm sitting in
Someone please stand up for me

Nick Drake

Fruit Tree

Fame is but a fruit tree
So very unsound
It can never flourish
Till its stalk is in the ground

So men of fame
Can never find a way
Till time has flown
Far from their dying day

Forgotten while you're here
Remembered for a while
A much updated ruin
From a much outdated style

Life is but a memory
Happened long ago
Theatre full of sadness
For a long forgotten show
Seems so easy
Just to let it go on by
Till you stop and wonder
Why you never wondered why

Safe in the womb
Of an everlasting night
You find the darkness can
Give the brightest light

Safe in your place
Deep in the earth
That's when they'll know
What you were really worth

Fruit tree, fruit tree
No-one knows you but the rain and the air
Don't you worry
They'll stand and stare when you're gone

Fruit tree, fruit tree
Open your eyes to another year
They'll all know
That you were here when you're gone

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